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Shower before & after use.
Please have a good rinse in the shower provided before and after you go in the hot tub.

Alcohol & Medication Warning.
Drinking alcohol in the hot tub is at your own risk. Alcohol and some prescription drugs can make you drowsy, and when combined with the heat from your hot tub can make you dizzy or worse. If you choose to relax with an adult beverage while taking an soak, please check in with yourself often and don’t overindulge.

No Babies. No pregnant women. Watch your children.
Strictly no babies or toddlers and current advice is No children under the age of 8 years old. And NEVER EVER leave your children unsupervised. Ever. Please do not use the hot tub if you are pregnant. Please be aware of the danger of drowning and the risk of overheating.

Be Safety Aware. Slippery when wet.
Please act responsibly around the hot tub. Water, wood and stone will become slippery. Please be aware.

No glass near the hot tub.
Please keep any glass away from the hot tub in order to keep everyone safe. Unbreakable glassware is provided. If you do break anything in or around the hot tub, please stop using the hot tub immediately and inform the agent.

Weather Warning
The hot tub can be used all year round, even in the winter and in the rain. However, please do not go in the hot tub if there is a storm with thunder and lightening.


Leave the cleaning to us!
We use special chemicals to clean & sanitise the hot tub & safeguard the wood.  Please do not to clean the hot tub yourself. Please contact the agent if the hot tub needs a clean during your stay.

Hot tub attire
Please wear swimming costumes in the hot tub. Robes are provided for your comfort and modesty.

Hot tub etiquette
Please keep your passion & most intimate moments for indoors.Or as my son would say – no hanky panky!

No bubbles in the bath!
Please do not put anything other than yourselves in the hot tub.No bubble bath, oils, dies or foreign substances. This can damage the hot tub, the filters and the wood.

Open Wounds & Cuts
If you have an open sore, a rash or any kind of infection, please don’t use the hot tub or risk infection for you or others.

These rules & regulations are for your safety and your enjoyment.

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